Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Peer Review

Part of my MidTerm exam is to do a peer review of Becky Kaler's blog:

In my opinion, Becky has mastered the concept of the blog: she seamlessly combines personal knowledge and informal style with intellectual content to create articles that are clearly hers, yet not overly opinionated. For instance, Becky freely admits some faults - her preference of happy endings, for example - yet does not make excuses or avoid them, choosing instead to tackle them head on. While it is impressive that Becky maintains this informal-yet-academic style, what is truly astounding is that her work is so easily readable. Also, Becky's post titles are interesting and often witty.
If I had to criticize Becky's blog I would say that her style does not invite readers in; it assumes that the reader has some prior knowledge in the subject, and she doesn't always take time to explain an assignment before jumping into it. Also, a few of her pictures don't show up, at least on my computer.

In short, Becky's got a great blog, and I would recommend that you all read her at least once.